The holidayheroes
friends-refer-friends program

holidayheroes proudly presents: friends-refer-friends. Send your friends on vacation and earn money at the same time.

Everyone who uses your individual code will receive a €25 discount on their booking and as a thank you we will give you a €50 voucher for every booking.

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How do I get my individual code?
Write us an email to and we will send you your code.
Why should my friends use my code?
You're friends, right? There's also a €25 instant discount for them.
How many friends can I invite?
Make them all happy, the whole gang.
Which code do I send to my friends?
Your referral code, not your wallet code.
My friend forgot to enter my code when booking, will I still get the €50 bonus?
Hmmm, difficult. If you send us a photo of the two of you hugging and holding a sign saying "We ❤️” and post it on social media at the same time, yes.
What happens if 10 friends use my code?
Then we credit the 10 times €50 to your wallet code and you would have a total wallet value of €500.
Can I use only part of the balance on my wallet code for a trip?
Currently only all or nothing. But we are working on it.
Can I combine my wallet code with other discounts?
Nope, sorry. Only one code is currently possible. Discounts cannot be combined.
How do I know how much credit is on my Wallet code?
We'll send you a monthly overview.
My buddy just booked and I want to book right away, when will my wallet code be updated?
We update the wallet codes weekly, if it needs to be faster, send us an email to and we'll take care of it.
Can I share my wallet code?
Your wallet code holds your credit, it would be a shame if someone else used your credit, wouldn't it?
I would like to support you professionally and recommend you to others?
Write us an email at, let's have a chat.

Terms of use: friends-refer-friends program

  • The personalized code can only be applied by you. You will receive an instant discount of €50 per booking with the personalized voucher code. With each vacation booked, your total instant discount will increase. For example, if 5 friends have booked with your voucher code, you are already entitled to an instant discount of €250. Canceled bookings are not entitled to the instant discount. The partnership can be terminated unilaterally at any time without giving reasons.

  • Terms of use €25 friends-refer-friends voucher

  • The €25 voucher can be redeemed for bookings made until 31.12.2024. Only one voucher can be redeemed per booking. The voucher is an instant discount and the total price is reduced. The voucher cannot be combined with other discount promotions and cash refunds are not possible. There is no entitlement to the voucher for canceled trips. The minimum booking value is €799.