“Hero Deal” price guarantee

We compare the price

TRAVELSTORE sprl (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") operates the holidayheroes website (hereinafter referred to as "the Website").

The Company undertakes and promises to those who book on the Website, subject to the information in these Terms and Conditions, that will match the price of any order placed on the holidayheroes.de website with the price of any offer from other tourism websites operating in Germany and abroad that includes flights and hotels (hereinafter the "Offer Components").

The offer of the other websites must be cheaper than the order placed on the Website and must be completely identical in all components (flights and hotel) and conditions.

Implementation of the guidelines

Subject to the provisions of these terms and conditions, any person ordering on the Website may, after placing an order with holidayheroes Deutschland GmbH as operator of the holidayheroes website, claim that they have an offer from another tourism website that is cheaper than the order they have placed on the Website and that the offer complies with the detailed terms and conditions.

The request for a lower price must be sent by E-Mail to: team@holidayheroes.de within 24 hours of placing the order. The E-Mail will include a screenshot of the online offer and a link to the relevant offer page confirming the offer as stated.

The photo and link must include the exact details of the competing products, the price offered for the deal and the competing company's trademark and details.

It is clarified that the availability of the offer with all its details as well as a convenient way to check the offer on the other websites are binding conditions for the fulfillment of the Company's obligations under these Terms.

The time of booking shall be deemed to be the end date of the booking process on the holidayheroes website, even if the booking has not yet been finally confirmed. The date of delivery of the complaint is the date on which the E-Mail message is received by holidayheroes Deutschland GmbH.

holidayheroes Deutschland GmbH, which operates the website, will compare the complaint with the competing website that offers the components of the order in question at a lower price. If the check shows that the price is not lower, the Company will reject the complaint.

A customer whose claim to have found a lower price for the same transaction (flight and hotel together) on another website has proven to be correct is entitled to a voucher for a future purchase in the amount of the difference between the offer from the other website and the order placed on the Website. The voucher is valid for any purchase of services offered on the holidayheroes website for two years from the date of issue and is also valid to all bookers.

The final decision on the compatibility of the competing offer with the terms of these provisions is reserved solely to the company and the customer waives in advance any claim in this respect.

Terms and conditions

The offer of the other website must be exactly the same in all its elements and conditions, including, but not limited to, airline, supplier, room type, accommodation level, purchase and cancellation conditions (also in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act), number of passengers, dates, hours, department and offered for sale on the operated tourist websites in Germany and abroad.

The purchase price on the other websites is the final price to be paid to a German customer after deduction of commissions, taxes and duties, insofar as these are incurred on the other website.

The price comparison is made against valid bookings on the holidayheroes website which include flights and hotels with origin and destination in Germany and for which flight tickets and accommodation vouchers have been issued and paid. This obligation applies from the time the order is placed on the website until 24 hours after the order is placed.

The promotion does not apply to:

a. Special sales promotions, customer clubs or special benefits granted to customers on the other websites.

b. Offers that include flights and hotels and are marketed directly and on German online travel agencies.

c. Offers that include flights whose departure date is within 72 hours or less from the date of the order.

d. Offers made by competing companies under exclusive rates granted only to the organizers or operators of the flights, including sales promotions.

It is hereby clarified that the offers of the other websites are open to the general public and are not an individual discount to the customer, including a special discount or a discount voucher or coupon of any kind, and that they remain available for purchase by any interested party at the time of receipt of the claim at the premises of holidayheroes Deutschland GmbH.

General information

holidayheroes Deutschland GmbH, which operates the Website, may terminate this policy at any time, even without notice, so long as the rights of those who placed orders prior to the notice of termination of the policy are not violated.

For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby clarified that this policy alone does not give the customer any right to cancel the order. The customer reserves the right to cancel its order, subject to the provisions of law, the terms of the Website and the terms of its order. For any matter relating to bookings under this policy for which no express provisions are set out in these terms and conditions, the provisions of the general terms and conditions for bookings on the holidayheroes website, which can be viewed at holidayheroes.de, shall apply.

This policy does not create any obligation on the part of holidayheroes Deutschland GmbH, which operates the holidayheroes website, towards the customer that is not expressly stated in the general terms and conditions on the website or in the provisions of these terms and conditions.